Friday, September 18, 2015

Getting to work in San Francisco

The latest numbers from the Census Bureau:

Means of Transportation to Work in San Francisco for 2014:

San Francisco County, California
EstimateMargin of Error
Car, truck, or van:198,696+/-6,058
Drove alone164,564+/-5,337
In 2-person carpool26,697+/-3,242
In 3-person carpool4,431+/-1,163
In 4-person carpool1,773+/-836
In 5- or 6-person carpool617+/-486
In 7-or-more-person carpool614+/-381
Public transportation (excluding taxicab):163,484+/-6,518
Bus or trolley bus106,839+/-5,659
Streetcar or trolley car (carro publico in Puerto Rico)10,912+/-1,756
Subway or elevated39,301+/-3,582
Other means3,684+/-1,024
Worked at home33,586+/-3,163

Compare the above to 2006 below, the earliest year provided:

Means of Transportation to Work in San Francisco for 2006:

San Francisco County, California
EstimateMargin of Error
Car, truck, or van:190,181+/-6,552
Drove alone159,722+/-6,159
In 2-person carpool21,976+/-2,763
In 3-person carpool4,769+/-1,085
In 4-person carpool1,820+/-1,039
In 5- or 6-person carpool508+/-393
In 7-or-more-person carpool1,386+/-690
Public transportation (excluding taxicab):119,532+/-5,977
Bus or trolley bus83,093+/-5,175
Streetcar or trolley car (carro publico in Puerto Rico)8,899+/-1,802
Subway or elevated24,131+/-2,497
Other means2,464+/-905
Worked at home29,832+/-3,109

Rob's comment:

Comparing the two years shows the biggest gain for public transportation. Bicycle commuting went from 2% in 2006 to 4% in 2014, not a very impressive increase in nine years.

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At 3:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Despite your best efforts at discouraging people from riding bicycles by telling city residents how dangerous it is, the number of people cycling to work grew by more than the number of people who drove cars to work. While car mode share grew by 8,515, cyclist mode share grew by 12,130. Mission Accomplished!

At 1:32 PM, Blogger Rob Anderson said...

That's a gain over nine years. In the context of more trips to work overall---from 394,000 in 2006 to 480,000 in 2014---it's a pretty poor performance. And cyclists are still only 4% of all city commuters after more than ten years of anti-car, pro-bike propaganda from City Hall and the Bicycle Coalition.

Some historical context: According to the Transportation Fact Sheet (page 3), 2.1% of all city commuters rode bikes to work in 2000, and that's up to a paltry 4% in 2014.

I know you're on a mission, but not much has been accomplished.


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