Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Julian Davis, Ross Mirkarimi and progressive voices

A comment from Julian Davis on a blog post from 2008:
Rob, I was always surprised that you inferred a reversal of my position on the U.C. extension development from the simple fact that I supported Ross' reelection effort. Apparently logic is not your strong suit. Nobody agrees all the time on every issue but I supported Ross' reelection because he's been a strong progressive voice in San Francisco politics.
Hard to tell what you think about UC's project when you say nothing in public. You're implying that Mirkarimi's betrayal of the neighborhood and the city on the UC Extension property is no big deal. 

Not only do the people of San Francisco lose 5.8 acres of property to private developers that's been zoned for public use for 150 years, but that project---450 housing units and 1,000 new residents---is much too big for that neighborhood, which already has serious traffic problems caused by the awful Octavia Blvd, which of course Ross also endorses.

Ross has been a terrible supervisor. He and his "progressive" colleagues on the Board of Supervisors have done more damage to the City of San Francisco than anything since the 1906 earthquake and fire. 

They'll all be retired on the city's generous pension plan when the consequences of their "smart growth" development policy become clear to the rest of the city---allowing UC to rip off the extension property, the Market and Octavia Plan, the Rincon Hill highrises, Parkmerced, and Treasure Island. 

And then there's the Bicycle Plan, which, like all good city progressives, Mirkarimi supported from the beginning, even when it was obvious that the city had to do an EIR before it began taking away street parking and traffic lanes to make bike lanes on behalf of the Bicycle Coalition and a minority of bike people at the expense of everyone else who uses city streets.   

There are many other issues: his support for cop-killers, including Abu Mumia Jamal; his defense of Josh Wolf's "right" to withhold information from the Grand Jury, when Wolf refused to provide his tape of a demonstration during which city cop Peter Shields had his skull fractured by Wolf's anarchist pals. 

Funny how city progs never mention Shields. It was all about Wolf's imaginary rights;  comparing President Bush to Hitler and calling for his impeachment; his support for Critical Mass; his goofy revolutionary rhetoric when addressing leftist audiences; his Harding Theater "preservation" fiasco; his remarkable betrayal of the Green Party, which he helped qualify for the ballot long before he belatedly realized that being a leftist wouldn't be helpful when he ran for higher office.

Interesting to note that you are also now supporting an overlarge project against neighborhood opposition. It's all about the kids, right? The same way UC's greed trip is all about "affordable" housing for LBGT seniors.

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At 10:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey a new progressive campaign slogan for the 2011 cycle, "Progressive shit, smells great and less filling".

At 2:11 PM, Anonymous Sandy said...

This only shows that every person has a different opinion. We could tell what we believe.

At 10:59 AM, Blogger Rob Anderson said...

Tell us what you believe, Sandy.


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