Sunday, September 28, 2008

Daly on the role of the press in Progressive Land

Supervisor Daly's sneer at the Examiner in his latest blog post (below in italics) reveals what he thinks the role of the press should be here in Progressive Land. Most of all it should be in "touch" with "most San Franciscans. After all, as he notes, Democratic nominees in previous elections buried their Republican opponents. So the moral of the story is...what exactly? That the Examiner should get with the prog program and renounce its right-wing editorial principles? I agree with Daly in opposing the awful McCain/Palin and supporting Obama/Biden, since, like Daly, I'm a Democrat. (Which goes to show that the Democratic Party's big tent is big enough to contain Rob Anderson and Chris Daly!)

Daly of course likes the SF Bay Guardian, since it's the house organ of city progs, "our weekly newspaper" as he calls it on his blogroll, which also includes Left in SF, Fog City Journal, and the ultra-left Independent Media Center. Daly probably doesn't realize it, but the so-called alternative media---including in particular the Guardian---in SF is pretty bad, which is one reason the city's left is so poorly informed, while at the same time smug and self-righteous.

If there was ever any question about how out of touch Philip Anschutz and his San Francisco Examiner are with most San Franciscans…The Examiner endorses McCain-Palin Just for a little perspective, in 2000, George Bush received 51,367 San Francisco votes to Al Gore’s 240,935. In 2004, Bush received 54,355 to John Kerry’s 296,772. This February, there were 25,067 Republican votes for President to the Democrats 213,693. Of those, Barack Obama received 112,107, and the Examiner’s “Maverick” received a whopping 13,398 San Francisco votes! In other words, in both Republican-Democrat and McCain-Obama head-to-heads, the Examiner’s team came in just over 10%.

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At 5:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny how the statistics Daly cites all show that Republicans received more votes from San Franciscans than Chris Daly ever has.

The SF Progs have found a way to pervert democracy for their own ends; if the Republicans had done what Daly, Ammiano, Mirk, et al, have done the SFBG and its ilk would be screaming bloody murder.

At 10:40 PM, Blogger Rob Anderson said...

I don't know about perverting democracy, but the prog constituency is utterly convinced of its own rectitude while being poorly informed, since the Guardian never tells them anything they don't want to hear---nothing about how the anti-car bicycle fantasy may be a bad idea, or about the Market/Octavia Plan that rezones more than 4000 properties in the heart of the city to encourage population density. The plan is based on a half-baked transit corridors theory: as long as housing density and highrises are anywhere near a Muni line it's okay. Four 40-story highrises at Market and Van Ness! Great planning! A "progressive" legacy that will permanently scar the city. And then there's Mirkarimi's taking the lead on selling out the city at the old extension site on lower Haight Street, allowing the trashing of a state and federal landmark site. And Rincon Hill, thousands of luxury condos in highrises. Overall, an ugly, destructive legacy by a supposedly progressive board of supervisors.

The Bay Guardian is more concerned about the Bicycle Plan than they are laying waste to wide swaths of the city with these developments.


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