Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Good reporting on Proposition C

Photo: Mark Edge

Letter to the editor in today's SF Chronicle:

Regarding “Odd logic in battling tax to aid homeless” (Oct. 28): Congratulations to Heather Knight for her early support of Proposition C and her years-long diligence in pursuing the complexities of our homeless crisis.

Knight’s recent column on the odd/puzzling logic in battling a tax to aid the homeless is insightful, revealing and cogent. It suggests the hypocrisy of our city leaders who oppose it. The elected officials and the CEOs (with the rare and extremely admirable exception of Salesforce’s Marc Benioff) whose companies would pay Prop. C’s tax are not puzzled, they are conflicted.

When voters are confused by otherwise logical people making illogical arguments, always follow the money. 

The special interests and their beneficiaries who don’t want to part with their gold rush bonanzas will often use strange and contorted reasoning rather than acknowledge the truth. Their logic is not odd or puzzling. It is simply dishonest.

Mark Leno, 
former state senator

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At 8:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This tax applies to every single business in the city regardless of size. They lost one the sales tax measure so they found a way around it by using Holmess that people are fed up with as an excuse.

Here's the chart by types of business

Business activity set
Tax increase
Retail/Wholesale Tade, Certain Services[3] (Section 953.1) 0.175%
Biotechnology, Clean Teachnology, Food Services, Information, Manufacturing, Transportation/Warehousing (Section 953.2) 0.500%
Accomodations, Utilities, Arts/Entertainment/Recreation (Section 953.3) 0.425%
Administrative/Support Services, Private Education/Health Services, Miscellaneous[4] (Section 953.4) 0.690%
Construction (Section 953.5) 0.475%
Financial Services, Insurance, Professional/Scientific/Technical Services (Section 953.6) 0.600%
Real Estate/Rental/Leasing Services (Section 953.7) 0.325%
Administrative office tax rate

Certain businesses classified under Section 953.8 with administrative offices in San Francisco, at least $1 billion in gross receipts, and at least 1,000 employees nationwide would be required to pay an annual homelessness administrative office tax (rather than a gross receipts tax) at a rate of 1.5 percent of payroll expenses.[1][5]

At 8:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mark Leno??? The guy who never met a campaign contribution he didn't love?? The guy who would only talk to you if you had given him some bucks? That Mark Leno???

I thought after losing for Mayor he would just go back to his sign business and disappear, or better yet leave SF forever with the rest of his carpetbagger cohort.


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