Friday, September 07, 2018

City Hall and Masonic Avenue: A photo analysis

Masonic Avenue Streetscape Improvement Project rendering
Full size version

The picture above on the Public Works site---the visual equivalent of happy-talk---is the kind of thing that makes liberals/progressives so easy to mock, and I say that as a liberal. 

There are nine women pictured, maybe ten if the figure on the left in the pink shirt isn't a guy and/or the distant figure on the right pushing the stroller is male, but both are unclear. (The gender of the toddlers is also unclear.) The two figures on the bench seen from behind are presumably guys. Otherwise, the only upright male figure in the picture is the black man with the black woman.

The gay community can be referenced by the two guys on the bench or the three women. No white men are clearly represented. Sorry, guys! But you're still presumably allowed to use Masonic Avenue---for now.

The woman on the bike isn't wearing a helmet because the new, "improved" Masonic Avenue is so safe she doesn't need one. 

It would have been amusing to hear the discussion before the creation of this carefully crafted composition by the overpaid bobbleheads in the SFMTA and Public Works.

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At 8:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How I wish that Tom Wolfe was still with us, he would have had so much fodder to write about today.


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