Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Normalizing The Wiggle

Main image downing neighborways
Photo: Wiggle/SFMTA

The whole point of The Wiggle
is to allow cyclists to speed through that densely populated lower Haight neighborhood to get downtown or wherever they're going in such a hurry. 

Which is why the MTA's photo above showing no bikes on The Wiggle could be a parody of that agency's relentless campaign to redesign city streets on behalf of a small minority of cyclists, a cause with a PC "progressive" patina and an effective lobbying organization in the Bicycle Coalition. That's why the MTA hires former Streetsblog and Coalition employees to do public relations for its ongoing anti-car, pro-bike campaign that is based on the safety lie.

Never mind pedestrian safety, The Wiggle is green and cool---for cyclists, that is.

Note, too, the two women wearing headscarves. The MTA wants you to know that it's multicultural! Even Muslim women can walk safely on The Wiggle! Recall its lame "peace" campaign several years ago after Pamela Geller paid for those anti-terrorism ads on Muni buses.

When they get a chance, people are skeptical about how The Wiggle encourages cyclists to speed through their neighborhood. See the comments here and here.

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At 4:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No bicyclist for a reason. As their argument for the redesign is pedestrian safety. What is essentially going to happen is bigger bulb outs on ever corner that's about it. "Visibility" and their bullshit "safety" lie.


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