Tuesday, October 23, 2018

On homelessness: "We know what to do"

SF Chronicle

From the SF Chronicle:

...Nonprofit organizations and medical professionals who work on homeless issues, including UCSF professors and Compass Family Services, also support the measure[Proposition C]. Unlike opponents, they say they are confident that an infusion of so much big cash would make a huge difference on the streets.

Dr. Josh Bamberger, a UCSF associate clinical professor who helped design pioneering homeless housing programs for San Francisco as well as nationally under former President Barack Obama, called Prop. C “an elegant solution to the problem.”

He said injecting hundreds of millions of dollars annually into homeless programs would be akin to the national strategy he helped craft during the Obama years — using the vast, added resources of federal veterans programs — to end chronic homelessness among vets. 

As a result, chronic veteran homelessness has been ended in more than 60 communities and is near an end in San Francisco.

“The solutions are all out there, we know what to do, and all we have to do is connect the dots,” Bamberger said. “For that we need more funding. This would do it.”

See also Housing as healthcare, by Dr. Bamberger.

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At 2:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

“an elegant solution to the problem.”

LOL i almost wet my pants on that one.

If we spent $3 Billion over the last decade and things only got worse why in the world does any thinking person believe more money is going to help? Non-profits getting funding without measurable goals or any metrics to even know if they do any good. Street people into street drugs that can never be allowed into housing for reasons only too clear...

"C" is kinda like the bullet train..."trust us...this is a good thing and will work"... when will the BS end???


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