Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Tilly Chang's quest for Congestion Pricing


There's something Terminator-like
in Tilly Chang's career-long pursuit of Congestion Pricing in San Francisco. Since the earlier plan to do it on city streets (see map below) was rejected, she now hopes to impose it on local freeways.

From a recent SF Examiner story:

...The notion of charging drivers to use an express lane met heat from supervisors, who earlier this month voted against funding $4 million to study express lanes in the next phase of the study. The supervisors voted 5-4 in favor of funding the study, but with the absence of two supervisors were unable to garner the necessary six-vote majority.

Tilly Chang, executive director of the transportation authority, told the San Francisco Examiner she may seek that funding a third time from the board in February. “We were presenting...what we believe are the more promising options,” Chang said...Chang told the Examiner if the project was enacted, some portions of the highways would see some existing lanes repurposed to be express lanes, as well as new lanes created on the shoulder of the freeway...Studies for the project began in late 2015, according to Chang.

But Captain Ahab also thought it was a "promising option" to pursue Moby Dick. I wouldn't bet against Chang eventually getting the money for the study and eventually filing it on the SFCTA's Mobility, Access and Pricing page.

I still think her best bet will come after the Treasure Island project puts 19,000 residents on the island, which will screw up traffic so badly downtown that the city will dust off her favorite studies.

Which city department will get the "revenue"?

Supervisor Jane Kim asked [Senior Transportation Planner Andrew] Heidel what agency or authority would administer the revenue from the express lanes. “We’re not sure yet,” Heidel answered. “That’s one item still under study.” Fees also have not yet been established. Heidel rebuffed any idea that express lanes were about making a profit for agencies. “We let demand manage the prices”...

I bet the "demand" would be significant, since I-280 carries tens of thousands of vehicles every day. 

Chang's agency is pretty small. Maybe she could get some of that money to compete with her bloated partner in traffic crime, the SFMTA, which now has 6,345 employees.

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At 5:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...





About 100 more not included. Get ready for a screw job. Additional general info... London Breed was on treasure island project board. And now is in very much in support of treasure island development with a $2.50-$4 per vehicle toll entering treasure island.

At 2:03 PM, Blogger Rob Anderson said...

London Breed was a blank slate politically when she was elected because of our stupid Ranked Choice voting system. Since she had no independent judgment about policy, Breed was quickly co-opted by City Hall when she took office. She's been an awful supervisor, and she will be a reliable establishment mayor if she's elected in June.

If the city establishment wants congestion pricing, it won't get any push-back from Breed.


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