Wednesday, January 25, 2017

650 Divisadero hearing tomorrow!

Affordable Divisadero

Tomorrow at the Planning Commission, 12 p.m. SF City Hall Room 400

The final plan is for a 66-unit rental building with only 9 on-site affordable units, a dismal 13.5%. 

What happened to doubling the affordability on Divisadero?

In 2013, 650 Divisadero filed an application for a 16-unit building, the maximum allowable number of units they could build under the existing zoning laws. 

In 2015, Supervisor Breed upzoned Divisadero (and Fillmore). 650 Divisadero modified their proposal to become a 60-unit building. 

That same year Affordable Divisadero organized, and in 2016 Supervisor Breed introduced the Divisadero-Fillmore legislation to increase the percentage of on-site affordable units required in exchange for the increase in the number of units granted.

That legislation has been sitting on her desk for 6 months while 650 Divisadero makes its way through the Planning process. 

Now 650 Divisadero is scheduled to be approved, but the Divisadero-Fillmore legislation was never finalized. We are asking the Planning Commission to postpone the hearing on 650 Divisadero until Supervisor Breed finalizes her legislation.

Thank you for your support. See you at the Planning Commission tomorrow

Gus Hernandez
Chair, Affordable Divis Steering Committee

Rob's comment:
Brace yourselves for a betrayal by Supervisor Breed.

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At 2:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The existing warehouse should be preserved as a landmark. We do not need a bunch of newcomers living here.

At 3:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alright I'm tired of this bullshit and the 24 hour spin. People need to speak the damn truth. There is no such thing as "affordable housing". That's a salesman pitch for pro development all over the place.

The rental vacancy rate in San Francisco has gone up the rents have trimmed down a bit and more dropping to come. Divisadero is a PDA and will like to be turned into a transit hub for more "transit oriented development".

Affordable? Really? Which means what? "Within one's financial means". How's this fucking city worried about any ones financial means? How can they help you with your financial means?

The only way for real "affordable housing" is city owned and city developed. Not approving a plan for private development. I'm really sick and tired of people feeding into this "affordable housing" bullshit. And the only groups that keep crying this arguement are the non profits that are pro sfmta and pro plan Bay Area.

Market is hot prices go up. Things are begin to slow down which is why rents dropped a little and vacancy rate is up.

Affordable housing my ass. Just a bullshit argument to keep building ugly buildings.

Grow some balls call the city out on their bullshit "affordable crap"

At 2:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We have been working with these definitions of affordable housing for decades.

Also if you are already in rental housing the price the landlord can charge you is controlled.

This city's record on managed city owned housing is dismal, as is it for most cities in the usa.

If people cannot afford BMR housing in SF perhaps they need to more to another city.


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