Thursday, September 29, 2016

Trump in the Twilight Zone

"He reminds me of the gremlin outside Shatner's plane window"

Jonathan Chait's blog has the best commenters, like this riff on Trump's threat to make Bill's infidelity an issue:

Bill CLINTON's infidelities? That's really rich. Is he seriously going to go there?

Had an affair with wife #3 while married to wife #2. Had an affair with wife #2 while married to wife #1. Bragged that he had bedded "all the great women of the world," many of the them married (wrote this in one of his books).

Told Howard Stern his "Vietnam" was NOT contracting any STDs (audio available). His affair with Maples was on the front page of every New York paper for years. Sent his children to boarding schools to get them away from the publicity. Didn't end the affair, just sent them away. Donnie Jr. said dad treated mom so badly the children didn't speak to him for a year (video available).

Set up Maples in one of his hotels in Atlantic City after letting Ivana run the Plaza in NY so he could screw around with Maples every time he went there to run the casinos. Had Maples and Ivana at the same ski resort where they saw each other...

In an interview with Barbara Walters commented on the expected size of daughter #2's breasts (she was an infant at the time) (video available)...

Oh, since we're talking about spouses (Hillary is running for president, NOT Bill), your wife's naked pictures are all over the Internet, she made porno movies and was a sex worker for others before she became a sex worker for you.

And Rudy Giuliani? See Booty Call Rudy: When Giuliani Attacks The Clintons, Remember His Scandals.



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