Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Second Street and Vision Zero: Suspicions confirmed

A view of 2nd Street, looking south from Market Street, with a new bike lane in view.

Willie Brown writes about the "improvements" the city has made on Second Street:

If you think traffic in downtown San Francisco has actually gotten worse since the Super Bowl, you may well be right.

The planners at the Municipal Transportation Agency have decided to ban left turns along Second Street, effectively cutting off access from the Financial District to one of the key feeders onto the Bay Bridge.

The result has been gridlock during the evening commute, with backups on Battery Street extending all the way past Broadway on some nights.

The transportation agency got the message from locals that Second from Market to King streets should be a “primary pedestrian, bicycle and transit throughfare,” says spokesman Paul Rose, explaining the latest in a series of traffic reconfigurations intended to make the city’s streets safer.

From what I see, if the traffic czars really wanted to make the streets safer, they would do something about all the motorized scooters, skateboards and unicycles that are ripping through traffic and along sidewalks at unsafe speeds.

Meanwhile, car drivers should watch out for the cops. I spied five motorcycle officers lined up at Second and Harrison streets the other evening, all pulling over bewildered motorists who had made newly illegal left turns.

Of course, the drivers shouldn’t expect any sympathy from City Hall. Most of those tickets are going to commuters headed to the East Bay. They don’t vote here, so as far as City Hall is concerned, they don’t count.

Rob's comment:
And how's the Vision Zero campaign going? Surely after all those "improvements" to city streets, everyone is a lot safer, right? 

Even the transportation reporter for the Chronicle reports that it's not true in a front page story: Deaths in S.F. traffic not falling despite Vision Zero efforts.

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At 12:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the 2nd street plan is completely idiotic. it will create more congestion, pollution, hurt businesses. the bike lobby has succeeded in makeing life tougher for the other 96.5% of us. the young white males strike again


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