Friday, July 11, 2014

Hamas targets nuclear reactor in Israel

From the New York Post:

Hamas terrorists launched three powerful rockets at an Israeli nuclear power plant on Wednesday---a terrifying escalation of hostilities in the increasingly violent conflict. But a nuclear disaster was averted when Israel’s vaunted Iron Dome defense system shot one of the rockets out of the sky and the other two missed their targets and detonated on the ground without causing any injuries. Extremists from Hamas’ fanatical Qassam Brigades boasted that they had launched the long-range, M-75 rockets from the Gaza Strip to the Israeli city of Dimona hoping to damage or destroy the reactor, about 47 miles away...

In other news: in Great Britain, like here in the US (last year City Hall and the SF Weekly took the bogus Islamophobia bait) the rise of Islamophobia is simply not happening, because, unlike many of their political representatives, people are not stupid. They understand that violence by Islamist fanatics does not represent most Moslems and condemning that violence doesn't implicate Moslems in general:

...It is apt, perhaps, that on the ninth anniversary of the 7/7 London bombings, the spectre of Islamophobia has once again been looming large in the UK media. After all, the assumption that in Britain, and in the West in general, anti-Muslim sentiment is on the Mosque-burning, veil-ripping march has been one of the most persistent political and cultural narratives over the past decade or so...Again and again, the idea of a seething, popular mass of anti-Muslim sentiment is invoked by politicos and pundits (some Muslim, some not). And again and again, this seething, popular mass of anti-Muslim sentiment never actually shows its face. The not-very-racist reality has consistently failed to live up to the burning-and-bigoted hype. Just look back: after every terrorist attack carried out by assorted jihad-espousing, al-Qaeda fanboys, there has been no shortage of politicians, commentators and so-called community leaders warning of an imminent surge in anti-Muslim attacks. And yet each time, the surge never came. A few months after 9/11, for instance, a spokesman for London’s Metropolitan Police told spiked: ‘There isn’t really evidence of an increase [in assaults against Muslims]’...

Unlike Europe and the US, Hamas-controlled Gaza teaches its children to hate:



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