Monday, June 02, 2014

We need to park our cars

A letter to the editor in the SF Examiner:

We need to park our cars
This story on parking in San Francisco (SF completes its first parking spot census) nearly caused me to choke on my coffee. Here we have one hand of The City trying to eliminate parking spots by the dozens---either by making them parklets or by prohibiting builders of condo complexes or apartment buildings from including at least one parking spot per unit.

Then the other hand is telling us how difficult it is to even find a parking spot and encouraging the use of a parking app to help people find parking.

Does anyone at City Hall coordinate anything at all? I wonder.

Has anyone in town ever had the chance to use one of the new parklets to just sit and relax? Every one of them has become an extension of the nearest restaurant and you will be asked to leave if you are not a patron of the restaurant.

In my view that is not what should be done with legitimate public parking spots.

John F. Schambre
San Francisco

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