Thursday, May 02, 2013

Supervisor Chiu, Polk Street, and Jihad

When Supervisor Chiu ran for Mayor of San Francisco two years ago, he aggressively courted the Bicycle Coalition and the city's bike people. When he ran for re-election last year, he groveled before the Bicycle Coalition, supporting everything they wanted to do to our streets, no questions asked.
The bike people now feel betrayed that he copped out by not supporting the Polk Street bike lane project. From the Marina Times:
Supervisor David Chiu said that Polk Street has a higher-than-average number of accidents involving bikers and pedestrians, but he said he hasn’t yet “taken a perspective” on the Polk Street shakeup. He said that the Board of Supervisors does not have much role in the matter anyway; that decision-making power was removed by voters from the board and given to the SFMTA in 1999...But with Chiu keeping himself at arm’s length from the controversy, neither he nor Reiskin appeared to earn any appreciation from the main players.
The claim about the accident rate on Polk Street, as I've pointed out before, is a lie invented to justify the Polk Street bike lane project.

Streetsblog, the blog for the city's anti-car movement, is bitter about Chiu's betrayal of the cause.
Supervisor Chiu has not only kept the Polk Street issue at "arm's length," he left the country as the issue was coming to a head: he's now on a junket to Israel. His office didn't respond to my inquiry about the purpose of the trip, which is being paid for by the Jewish Community Relations Council to the tune of $6,780, according to a form filed with the Ethics Commission.

The Jewish Community Relations Council joined Chiu in dhimmitude on the anti-jihad bus ads. Maybe Chiu will be able to talk to some non-dhimmi Jews in Israel to get a more realistic perspective on the people who make killing Jews and Americans their mission in life.

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