Thursday, May 23, 2013

Is it okay to call this guy a "savage"?

Maybe I should check with Theresa Sparks at the Human Rights Commission before I call this butcher a "savage."

From The Age:

This was an attack from the al-Qaeda handbook. The terrorist group's English-language magazine, Inspire, produced in the Arabian Peninsula, exhorts people to carry out ''lone wolf'' attacks. Articles and advertisements urged readers to use knives and run people down in vehicles, the Daily Mail reported. The first issue of the magazine contained an article ''How to build a bomb in the kitchen of your mom'', which was reportedly used by the Boston Marathon bombers...Britain has spent millions of pounds since the 2005 London Underground attacks to prepare against the threat of terrorism, yet here, in broad daylight, two men brandishing a meat cleaver and a butcher's knife, have shown how cheaply that veneer of security can be punctured. The barbarous horror of freelance jihad has reached the high street.

The nation is in shock, but this has been security chiefs' greatest fear, an attack straight from the playbook of the new, ''lone-wolf'' brand of terrorism...

Andrew Bostom on the "al-Qaeda handbook" and "lone wolf" jihad. This is not the first such attack, and it won't be the last.

Thanks to Jihad Watch for the link.



At 3:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Jihad Watch video speaks for itself. One of the most frightening things I have ever watched.

At 1:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course you will hate me for this, but that is one reason I wouldn't mind having a concealed gun.

I will tell you this, about 8 months ago while picking up trash after getting home from work in my SOMA neighborhood there was a guy pissing on our building. I didnt say a word to him...right afterward he yelled at me "I not invisible...I am a man I am human ...I will do what I want .." then got in my face as he continued his tirade. NO he was not mental he just had this damm attitude like, "you live in a loft, I dont give a damm I will do whatever I like in your nieghborhood". I never reported it to the police but this guy threatened me both verbally and physically. That, my friends, is the reality of this city and much much different then the city i was born and grew up in. I have no rights yet these people have all the rights and backing of the mindless progressives and there citizen advisory committee up the rear.

At 6:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"That my friends, is the reality of this city and much different than the city I was born and grew up in".

I agree completely! I was born and raised in 94123 and still own in the Marina but am currently working in another city. Since I only get back to San Francisco about 6 times a year now, I see the city VERY differently now. I enjoy this blog because I think it highlights what has gone wrong with San Francisco and how the strange unique progressive political groups have taken control of the city and are destroying it.

My parents moved out of a fine home on Green between Pierce and Scott after they found human feces in front of their garage door regularly, and also had their garage broken into on more than one occasion. The last straw came when a neighbor was robbed and assaulted while working on their car down the street in their garage and had to be hospitalized for a month. This is prime Cow Hollow where homes sell over 4 million now!

What San Francisco tolerates is not allowed in almost any other large city. I really do believe the middle class and families are being driven out of the city in exchange for the very poor and the very very rich.


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