Friday, February 24, 2012

Moslem fanatics attack artist

Lars Vilks egged at 'Mohammad' lecture
Published: 22 Feb 12

Controversial Swedish artist
Lars Vilks was forced to dodge eggs thrown by angry audience members while giving a lecture about his Mohammad cartoons and free expression at the University of Karlstad on Tuesday.

”They were also shouting some slogans ["Allahu Akbar"]. We removed them as well as two people who had started shouting back at the 15 (egg throwers). At the time it was a bit tumultuous but the commotion only lasted for about a minute,” said Tommy Lindh of the local police to news agency TT.

Vilks was lecturing on freedom of speech at the university on Tuesday evening at the invitation of the university's association of international affairs.

The local Islamic Culture Association and Karlstad Young Muslims had called for a boycott of the lecture earlier in the day, writing in a statement that Vilks ”abuses the freedom of speech that we all enjoy and uses it in such a way as to create tension in society”

Vilks began his lecture bringing up examples of artists who have challenged the boundaries of freedom of speech in different ways, several of whom have been reported to the police and convicted...

Lars Vilks draws Mohammed as a roundabout dog

Danish cartoons that led to rioting by Islamic crackpots that resulted in 150 deaths in 2006.



At 8:23 PM, Blogger Rob Anderson said...

Not good enough. The guys who threw the eggs should have been arrested and booked for future reference, at the least. Even better they should have been prosecuted for being assholes committing crimes against free speech.


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