Friday, April 08, 2011

FBI opposes tests to show who bombed Judi Bari

FBI Continues to Fight DNA Testing to Identify Who Bombed Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney

On April 5, 2011, the FBI filed a motion in Federal Court (attached) to overturn a court order directing the FBI to hand over evidence in the May 24, 1990, car bombing of Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney to an independent lab for forensic testing. "The FBI has no shame," said Cherney. "Obama's FBI is as intent on thwarting the investigation into who bombed Judi and me as President Bush Sr.’s FBI. While this new delay tactic is a grave disappointment, I feel confident that ultimately we will be allowed to conduct forensic analysis, including the DNA testing of bomb materials, that the FBI never conducted. The FBI’s obstructionism must mean they have something to hide, as if they know who bombed us and don't want the truth to come out.” Judi Bari once said, "The FBI should find the bomber and fire him." Added Cherney, "Given the FBI's desperate attempt to suppress the evidence that could solve this crime, Judi’s statement may be true to the mark."

Last month, Federal Magistrate James Larson ordered that the two bombs be turned over to a laboratory of Cherney's choosing and approved by the court so that components could be tested 21 long years after the explosion that nearly killed and maimed for life Earth First! activist and redwood forest defender Judi Bari. Bari died from cancer in 1997. Cherney suffered lesser injuries in the blast. The evidence includes not only remnants of the car bomb, but a nearly intact bomb that failed to detonate completely two weeks earlier outside the office of a Louisiana Pacific sawmill in Cloverdale, CA. The self-described “Lord’s Avenger” claimed credit for building both bombs in a letter to the Santa Rosa Press Democrat a few days after the car bombing.

"In 1990, bombers didn't know to cover their DNA tracks like they do today," says Cherney’s attorney Ben Rosenfeld. "There is every reason to believe that duct tape on the Cloverdale bomb may contain DNA evidence that will enable us finally to answer the question, 'who bombed Judi Bari.' The FBI not only set out to frame the victims in this case by falsely accusing them of bombing themselves, but the FBI is determined to thwart any real investigation. If they don’t want to test the evidence, we will.”

Background information on the bombing.

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At 2:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Waste of time and money. Who cares. Think about how many bike lanes we could paint with the money Bari is trying to get the government to waste.

At 3:05 PM, Blogger Rob Anderson said...

It's always important to solve this kind of political terrorism, especially if the FBI is trying to protect one of its informants, which those of us familiar with this case have long suspected. Bari is dead, but Cherney wants to examine the evidence and the Feds are trying to prevent it. Very suspicious, since the legal case the Feds make for not turning over the evidence for examination seems frivolous. It's not about money at all.

At 8:25 AM, Anonymous Nicholas Wilson said...

The government is wasting money trying to prevent the victims of a terrorist bombing from obtaining evidence so they can make an independent effort to solve the case, since the FBI never even tried. What's really going on is that the FBI is trying to maintain a cover up of a politically motivated covert operation in which the FBI played a role, as the jury determined way back in 2002.


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