Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Amazon and Jeff Bezos

The whole program is worth seeing: here.


"Muni is already one of the most expensive transit systems in the country"

From the story in the SF Chronicle about raising Muni fares:

Staff at the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency say they need the additional fare revenue to pay for operating expenses, and that the increases would keep pace with inflation. The agency draws at least $200 million a year from fares, and it expects to reap $14 million more in 2021 if fares are increased on all transit vehicles. If SFMTA doesn’t get that money, it may have to slow down hiring of bus and train operators — a dire need as Muni struggles to serve 720,000 weekday riders.

The SFMTA now has a budget of $1,268,000,000 and 6,348 employees. 

Supervisor Preston opposes raising fares:

Among the critics is [District 5]Supervisor Dean Preston, a 26-year Muni rider who takes his kids to school on the N-Judah and rides the 21-Hayes to and from City Hall. Preston ran for office on a platform that included free Muni. Last week, he introduced a legislative resolution calling for a Muni fare freeze. “I’m a strong believer that we should figure out how to get more people on mass transit, and fare increases do the exact opposite,” Preston said in an interview Tuesday, hours before the SFMTA board meeting.

Preston should ask the MTA this: What do all those employees who aren't driving buses actually do

Add the wages to the retirement/benefits and you learn that as of 2018 employees were the agency's largest expense at $710,503,201.

The story also tells us that "Muni is already one of the most expensive transit systems in the country."

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