Thursday, February 13, 2020

Through the looking glass with Breitbart

Roger J. Stone Jr. was found guilty on Friday of obstructing a congressional inquiry into Russia’s 2016 election interference.
I get the feed from Breitbart out of curiosity about what's going on in that alternate universe, where Trump is a great president---and Roger Stone is a victim of vindictive left-wing "monsters" that simply hate his politics:

Regardless of your opinion of Stone, he was only found guilty of lying to Congress (which plenty of people have done without being prosecuted), interfering in the House investigation of the Russia Collusion Hoax, and tampering with a witness.

Gee, is that all? Picky picky picky:

That “tampering with a witness” thing sounds pretty serious, but the “witness” in question, the person who was supposedly intimidated by Stone, talk radio host Randy Credico, is laughing the whole thing off. “I never in any way felt that Stone himself posed a direct physical threat to me or my dog,” he said.

That the threat wasn't successful is not a valid defense for witness-tampering, since the threat was real, and it was made by a long-time friend of the President of the United States.

Back on this planet:

Mr. Stone, 67, was convicted in federal court of seven felonies for obstructing the congressional inquiry, lying to investigators under oath and trying to block the testimony of a witness whose account would have exposed his lies. Jurors deliberated for a little over seven hours before convicting him on all counts.

Poor Roger!

That "Russia Collusion Hoax"? The Mueller investigation found that 18 Trump associates had at least 140 contacts with Russians during the 2016 campaign.

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