Sunday, February 09, 2020

Next anti-car target: Valencia Street

Harry Bower and fellow San Francisco bike riders create a human chain to separate the bike lane from vehicular traffic on Valencia Street in 2017.
Letter to the editor in today's SF Chronicle:

Regarding “Car-free Valencia? Slow down” (Native Son, Feb. 2): 
I can always count on Carl Nolte and his observations about the city. I frequently drive along Valencia Street and have been impressed with the improvements on this street for bike riders. They now have a green bike lane next to the sidewalk, with parking next to that, and distinct left-turn lanes to keep traffic flowing.

Now there’s talk about removing all cars along Valencia Street after removing them on a portion of Market Street. As Nolte says, “Slow down!” Wait to see how no cars on Market Street plays out. 

Having no cars on Valencia Street will be deadly for all the restaurants and shops along this street.

Susan Belmont
San Francisco

Rob's comment:

Click on "Valencia" below for more on that street.

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