Monday, January 06, 2020

Confusion on the right

The cover of TIME magazine with Donald Trump and the toddler crying as border patrol searches her mother.

This is Trump’s deepest belief about foreign policy: The things that separate the United States from terrorists and dictatorships are not a source of strength, but of weakness. Our enemies are stronger and tougher, willing to do the hard things that must be done in order to win. To defeat them, we must become like them.

Trump has long dismissed respect for human rights, international law, and innocent life as a form of political correctness. During the campaign, he promised to kill the families of terrorists, steal oil from countries the U.S. invades, and restore torture. “Don’t tell me it doesn’t work — torture works,” Trump said in 2016. “Okay, folks? Torture — you know, half these guys [say]: ‘Torture doesn’t work.’ Believe me, it works. Okay?”

Rob's comment:
This is a mistake often made by conservatives: they get toughness mixed up with cruelty.

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A “Pearls Before Swine” strip from last week; by Stephan Pastis. (courtesy of the artist and Universal Uclick)
Stephan Pastis

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