Sunday, August 16, 2020

Summing it up: Trump and the contemptible Republican Party

Kevin Drum sums it up:

This is a president who’s deliberately wrecking the post office to gain a partisan advantage over Democrats. He sent domestic troops to Portland to create chaos that would help sell his law-and-order campaign theme. He’s pulled the birther card against Barack Obama, Ted Cruz, and now Kamala Harris. He had protesters near the White House gassed so he could do a photo op. 

He pardons his pals even if they’ve committed crimes so obvious that even Bill Barr calls their prosecution righteous. He retweets lunatic QAnon conspiracies. He tried to get a foreign leader to open a criminal investigation of a political opponent. He has relentlessly tried to undermine the census. 

And he’s done all this stuff without a peep of protest from anyone in the Republican Party.

And of course he cheats at golf.

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