Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Difference between Seattle and San Francisco

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Gary Larson

Gary Larson In today's NY Times

"Then a big shot in the arm was when The Seattle Times started running my cartoons on a weekly basis. It didn’t last forever — too many complaints, I was told — but it ultimately motivated me to head down to San Francisco, where I walked through the doors (again, unannounced) of The San Francisco Chronicle, and the rest, as they say..."

A letter from Gary Larson

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Ticket to a Santa Clara 49er game: $149!

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Levi's Stadium

The San Francisco[sic] 49ers are raising ticket prices by 13% but giving season ticket holders free food and soda, which I guess means 49ers fans will be spending most of games from now on pigging out on all-you-can-eat nachos instead of watching the action on the field. 

Also, you can’t get the free food if you buy tickets on the secondary market, only if you’re the original season ticket holder. Or, I guess, borrow the season ticket holder’s free-food card? Or have a season ticket holder go up to the counter for you and get your nachos? I don’t live anywhere near Santa Clara and hate football, but I am very excited at seeing how fans figure out how to game this system.

Rob's comment:
Want one ticket to the game against the Rams Saturday night? That will be $149!


Thanks to Daily Kos.

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Lock him up

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