Tuesday, December 17, 2019

$12 billion isn't enough?

John Blanchard, SF Chronicle

The mayor is worried about a budget deficit, and maybe she should be. But $12 billion is a lot of money---and 40,951 is a lot of city employees.

Take, for example, The Municipal Transportation Agency (aka, Muni)---please. It has a budget of more than $1,200,000,000 and still struggles to run the city's transportation system with 6,348 employees. 

The agency has a shortage of operators for its buses and trains, but it doesn't otherwise seem to have an employee shortage.

The agency's new anti-car leader at Muni will apparently be making $337,112 a year to implement the Bicycle Coalition's agenda on city streets. The SFBC should chip in to help the city pay his salary.

Tumlin should keep in mind that his predecessor did everything City Hall asked him to do, but Mayor Breed still threw him under the bus, so to speak.

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Good for Slotkin. She takes a principled stand and defends it. Convince voters in your district that Trump must be impeached. 

If you lose the argument and the election, so be it. You defended the Constitution and democratic principles. If you can't do that now, there's no point in your being in Congress.

Reality penetrates the Fox bubble:

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