Monday, November 11, 2019

Dean Preston's mandate

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Dean Preston's pseudo-mandate for "change":

“The election results are mandates for change and a statement by voters that they want bolder action from City Hall,” [Dean]Preston said in a phone interview from Florida, where he was traveling with his family. “It was an issue for voters to have someone who is independent from the mayor.” An even more progressive board will make it more difficult for Breed to drive her agenda on key priorities, such as homelessness and housing.

Winning by a few hundred votes out of more than 22,000 cast isn't a mandate for anything, least of all Preston's brand of socialism.

Besides, Mayor Breed's housing agenda is a lot like Preston's, since they both supported the housing bonds on the ballot. But Preston of course flanks Breed on the left---that's the advantage of being a "socialist." No mere Democratic Party liberal can flank you rhetorically on the left!~---with a call for "10,000 units of municipally-owned social housing, on public land, with innovative resident-controlled governance." Preston doesn't say yet exactly where that housing will be in the city or how to pay for it.

Mayor Breed's homeless policy is mostly about mitigating that intractable problem with periodic sweeps to prevent tent cities from getting established in city neighborhoods. 

Both Preston and Vallie Brown promised to locate a Navigation Center in District 5, though neither said exactly where it would/could be. Alamo Square? The Panhandle? I suspect that was an empty promise, since both candidates knew that, once both gave lip service to the implausible idea, they knew the issue couldn't be used against them!

Preston opposes Breed's homeless sweeps as "expensive, inhumane, and ineffective at solving our homelessness crisis." Well, yes, but what does he propose to deal with homeless encampments in city neighborhoods? Easy for him to grandstand on the issue, since District 5 hasn't had any encampments to deal with---yet.

Still waiting for Preston to venture an opinion on the Masonic Avenue bike project fiasco in the middle of District 5, which of course he doesn't mention on his website. While she was an assistant to Supervisor Breed, Brown helped make that dumb project become a reality based on a lie about the street's safety.

Instead he endorses City Hall's vacuous Vision Zero rhetoric:

We’re five years into the 10 year plan to eliminate pedestrian and cyclist deaths and serious injury, and yet fatalities are rising...Dean supports the Vision Zero Coalition’s call for a declaration of emergency and immediate action, including speed reduction efforts.

The only "action" city is making on this pseudo-emergency is with "improvements" to city streets that only make it harder to drive in San Francisco while traffic accidents continue at a consistent historical rate.

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