Saturday, October 19, 2019

Bicycle Coalition, General Motors, and The Wiggle

From Jim Herd on San Francisco Citizen:

Now, why would GM specifically target a heavily-used bike route to test its robots? Well, as JFK said about the Apollo moon program, BECAUSE IT IS HAHD. And actually, self driving is a hard thing to perfect, as proved by GM engineers repeatedly failing to meet the timelines set for them. I mean, this program was supposed to be operating THIS YEAR, and I’ll tell you, and others will too, there’s NO WAY that these cars are ready to drive themselves in 2019.

Now, why would GM want to “gift” money to the SFB”C” (you see, it’s not really a coalition, sorry)? Well, so that the SFBC won’t organize a protest against this beta test, that’s why.

Now, why would the SFB”C” accept hush money from General Monkeybusiness? IDK, because they’re kind of corrupt? Because they are money hungry?

Now, why would most longtime bike riders in Frisco decide NOT to be members of the SFBC these days? IDK, because it costs money? Because the hefty discount from Rainbow Grocery is gone, long-gone? (Hey, is that why they were members in the first place, this discount? Uh oh.) Because the SFBC endorsed former appointed Mayor Ed “PG&E is a ‘great company'” Lee for election, also due to rhw SFBC’s money hungriness? Well, those are some possibilities…

Rob's comment:
The Bicycle Coalition's most consistent revenue stream is from City Hall. See Whereas, $564,460 to get kids on bikes and Taxpayers' bill for Bike to Work Day: $50,000, and Normalizing The Wiggle.

See also More bike puffery by the SF Chronicle.

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