Thursday, August 29, 2019

Vision Zero sadness at the MTA

Riders loading up inside the subway
From the MTA:

Sadly, there have been more Vision Zero traffic fatalities on San Francisco streets since last reported a month ago on July 16. These tragic and avoidable fatalities illustrate what we already know---that many factors contribute in most severe or fatal collisions, but most importantly when those occupying the same street space are not heeding rules or paying attention, regardless of whether you are in a vehicle or on foot. We all need to take safety seriously, most especially on streets within the High Injury Network where most collisions happen.

Rob's online comment:
On those "Vision Zero traffic fatalities": Why the lack of specifics? Why not tell us why and where they happened? The "high injury corridor" label doesn't explain anything, except that most accidents happen on busy city streets.

Reading between the lines, apparently these "collisions" happened because of the negligence of those involved, that is, because of human behavior, which is why Vision Zero will never succeed by 2024---or by 2124, for that matter.

Must be disappointing to the MTA that it can't simply talk about infrastructure as a solution.

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