Sunday, May 26, 2019

Catholic Church: World's largest criminal organization


A morally bankrupt Pope Francis claims getting an abortion is like “hiring a hitman” only weeks after issuing a new church mandate that sexual abuse must be reported to church officials, but not the police...

Pope Francis likened having an abortion to hiring a “hitman” while speaking at the “Yes to Life” anti-abortion conference in Rome Saturday.

The Pontiff stated that abortion was never acceptable — not even in instances when fetuses are seriously ill — and urged doctors to support women to complete all pregnancies.

“Is it licit to eliminate a human life to solve a problem?…Is it licit to hire a hitman to solve a problem?” the Pope asked members of the audience.

“It is not lawful. Never, ever eliminate a human life or hire a hitman to solve a problem,” he added.

Francis is wrong. Abortion is not murder, and getting an abortion is not like “hiring a hitman.” However, what is even more disturbing is that this pedophile enabling con-man believes that he has any moral authority whatsoever.

Pope Francis leads the biggest criminal organization in the world, an organization that has facilitated the rape and sexual abuse of children and others for decades if not centuries.

Indeed, we have known for quite some time that the Catholic Church has been protecting and enabling pedophile priests. We have also known for quite some time that the church has made considerable efforts to deny the charges, always trying to deny and push accusations under the rug, often by re-victimizing the children raped and sexually abused by priests in the first place...

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"Transformation" of Divisadero 2

Mayor Breed and Supervisor Brown

A mystifying comment by Supervisor Brown in the Chronicle's Divisadero story:

Supervisor Brown said that she can’t take a position on the development because it could end up appealed to the Board of Supervisors. But she said that it enjoys widespread support and that she worked hard to increase the number of affordable units. “The consensus in the neighborhood had been that people wanted more affordable units and rental apartments as opposed to condos,” said Brown.

What could possibly prevent Brown from taking a position on any issue, especially an important housing project in her district? I sent that question to Brown's office. If I get a response, I'll post it here.

Besides, the rest of the paragraph shows she does in fact support the project. Maybe she's hedging her bet, waiting to see which way the wind is blowing before she makes that vote.

Another oddity in the story:

The project has not won over everyone, however. The group Affordable Divisadero, led by Board of Supervisors candidate Dean Preston — who is running against Brown in the November election — still opposes it on the grounds that it does not include enough affordable housing units. In a letter to the Planning Commission, Preston pushed to increase the affordable level to at least 33% and require the developer to pay attentional transit impact fees and use union labor.

Okay, but "attentional"? I had to check to see if that's even a word. Turns out it is, though it's hard to think of how it can be used. It only clutters up this sentence. Since it's not in quotation marks, I assume it's the reporter's choice and not in Preston's letter.

And this:

He[the developer] also said that he has had “very productive conversations with labor unions” and would be “working with them once the project is (approved).”

Why would unions representing the workers who will build the project have any objections? After all unions routinely support dumb projects like the Central Subway and high-speed rail that provide jobs for their members, which is all they care about.

I've posted a lot about Divisadero Street over the years, since I live in the neighborhood. A sampling: A farewell lie from Mirkarimi, No "road diet" for Divisadero, Divisadero: Past, present, future, and Supervisor Breed's housing record

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Rob Rogers

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Abortion bans are only the latest offensive in long-running GOP war on women

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