Tuesday, April 02, 2019

A Streetcar Named Waste

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Arrest anyone who shoots up on city streets

Shannon Gafford filmed shocking footage of drug users openly shooting up at the Civic Center BART station in San Francisco
Daily Mail.com

Last week's edition of SF Weekly on treating jail inmates who are drug addicts:

...San Francisco’s Department of Public Health has a long history of supporting harm reduction efforts for people who use drugs, and despite not having state funding for MAT[medication addiction treatment] in its jails, has been operating them for years with money from the city’s General Fund. That said, the limited funding has affected the scope of what jail health services can institute. Methadone treatment is provided for 250 patients a year, and buprenorphine for 600 patients — the latter at a cost of $46,000 annually...

$46,000 for a city with a $11 billion budget is chump change. There's no reason to delay more city funding for this program while waiting for state money.

Since the city already has this humane, functional program, it should take the next step in "harm reduction" and deal realistically with the unacceptable disorder on our streets by arresting anyone who shoots up on city streets.

This is not about approving/disapproving of those who use drugs but about drawing the line on completely unacceptable behavior on our streets.

Those arrested will then be dealt with humanely with the MAT program while they're in jail.

Instead, Mayor Breed and "progressives" in City Hall are apparently hoping to get Governor Newsom and the state legislature to allow the city to open safe "injection sites."

That is "harm production," not reduction. 

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