Sunday, January 27, 2019

A flag for San Francisco

Lev Kushner in today's SF Chronicle:

If we were going to redesign San Francisco’s unimpressive city flag, what values should it try to communicate?...Who are we, and what are we about? Given that San Francisco is constantly being remade by booms and busts, what are our underlying values? What do we aspire to? And how on Earth could we communicate this on a flag? (Does San Francisco’s flag convey what our city is?)

Rob's comment:
How about using the above drawing by Jim Swanson? What conveys San Francisco "values" better than Critical Mass? After all Critical Mass was born here. Our city is famous for being the "car-hating capital of the Bay Area" and for preying on motorists as an important source of income for City Hall.

Here's what an artist proposed for Portland's city seal.

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