Thursday, May 30, 2019

Letter from San Diego

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From a San Diego correspondent:

So the North Park Planning Association voted that night, after we all left, for the removal of all parked cars on 30th St. in order to put in protected bike lanes on both sides of the street. People suspected that, but figured if we all stayed they'd postpone the vote to when we weren't there or risk our ire anyhow, as they had clearly already decided by the smirks on their faces.

Then the next evening on the news we heard that the Mayor has passed it too. Nothing like the strong Mayor system. The KPBS story said "some people were opposed" without mentioning that "some" meant 80% of those who were there. 

But they have to dig up two or three miles of 30th to place pipes, so perhaps the business owners will have a chance to weigh in behind the scenes before they go out of business. Imagine Para's News without a green curb for morning commuters to swing into to collect their papers. 

Of course the bikers and the neighborhood association don't get their news from the papers because they are too cool for that. And did Para's News know about the meeting? Of course not. Nobody knew, but that did not stop "Main Street" from testifying that the business owners were behind it. 

Despite testimony from a woman who walked all the businesses in South Park on 30th and said none of them had been contacted by Main Street or Association and they knew nothing of this plan. But guess what? It is their own fault because in addition to running businesses they should be going to all the meetings for the North Park Association or at least going on their Web site every week. After all, who knows when a decision will be made that will kill all the businesses in the neighborhood?

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At 8:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very similar to how things are done in SF. Aside from the bike advocates here, the latest west soma scam is the special district to "clean up the streets". Us property owners already pay huge real estate taxes which go to the general fund and are supposed to be used to clean the streets...but that was not enough so the special district was passed by the "property owners"...a double tax to do what should already be done by the city.

Now in addition, buried in the additional tax is a provision to fund homeless outreach activities god the city already spends $300M+ each year for non-profits to solve the problem...yet things only get worse. And besides there is no metrics to even measure if spending each year does any good. The non-profits are accountable to NO ONE...certainly not the tax payers.


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