Thursday, March 28, 2019

Warriors entertain our wealthy elite

Steve Kerr, Andrew Bogut, Warriors
Bogut and Kerr

Corbin Smith on the Daily Beast:

The Warriors’ increasingly wealthy white fan base is probably mostly used to interacting with half-dumb white guys who read shit on the internet that lines up with their preconceived notions about privilege and gender and all that shit. 

Joe Lacob and the Warriors’ organization’s ideal fan is less concerned with the fringe-signaling of washed-up centers they sign to shore up their playoff rotation, and more concerned with how nice the TVs are in the team’s new Chase Center Skyboxes, located in the heart of San Francisco (instead of stinky ol’ Oakland).

In this Bogut really is the perfect signing for a Warriors team that is looking to abandon their longtime home and embrace their role as the basketball team for Tech’s Wealthy Elites. He’s rich, privileged, half-informed, driven to distraction by algorithmic content delivery, and totally convinced he deserves it and no one else does. Poetic, really.

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