Monday, February 18, 2019

Anti-carism isn't polling well in SF

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City Beat Poll

Following up on my congestion pricing post the other day, some other interesting traffic results in the Chamber's annual poll.

"Charge a $3 to $6 fee to drive downtown during commute times to reduce congestion: 65% oppose, 35% support."

City Traffic Congestion: 82% say it's worse, 3% say it's better.

69% say parking is worse in the city, 3% say it's better.

Too bad the poll didn't ask this question like it did last year
"Removing traffic lanes in various locations around the city to install bike only lanes."

Last year only 47% supported that policy, and 46% opposed it! 

That's why City Hall and the Bicycle Coalition have never wanted the Bicycle Plan on the ballot. Even a close vote like that could have stopped the bike revolution in San Francisco.

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At 5:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Turns out that the bike revolution/fad is over here anyhow."

It never was a "bike revolution" to begin with. Lying about pedestrian safety,bike safety, and congestion is the stretchy being used to get you out of your cars as part of an overall climate change revolution.

They are not coming out straight in saying we are going to completely change your way of life. We know that technology exists which would make it easier and cheaper. Instead we have decided to make dumb decisions fucking up this city using your tax money.


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