Thursday, December 13, 2018

This is the only evidence I've ever seen that Trump has a sense of humor, though it's significant that this was before he was president.


Hate for red lanes in the Mission

Nearly three years after the city installed red lanes for buses on Mission Street, merchants still hate them. Fewer cars on the street, they said, has translated into fewer people visiting their shops, and a drop in sales that threatens many of the businesses.

A door-to-door survey of 73 businesses on the Mission Street corridor from 16th to 24th Streets revealed that the changes have been especially hard to stomach for older businesses, many of which are owned by Latinos and Asians. Moreover, few feel they have any organization or city official to turn to...

Rob's comment:
City Hall claims that it's worried about small businesses in the neighborhoods. It's not just about online shopping. Another important reason: eliminating customer parking by making various "improvements" to city streets.

Yesterday I counted 32 empty storefronts on Polk Street between Geary Blvd. and Union Street.

The Board of Supervisors just passed an anti-parking resolution for new developments, which will aggravate the situation for everyone. Of course the anti-car interest groups in the city love it, like SPUR and Walk SF.

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Only 25% say high-speed rail a "high priority"

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Lisa Benson

...Far fewer (25% adults, 19% likely voters) say the same about high-speed rail. Californians voted to allocate money to begin building the rail project in 2008. 

Summing up, PPIC president and CEO Mark Baldassare said: “Majorities of Californians place a high priority for new state spending on universal health coverage and tuition-free community college, rather than high-speed rail” (page 3).

...Notably, when asked about building a high-speed rail system, no more than a third[sic] of adults across parties, regions, age groups, and income groups say it should be a very high or high priority (page 13).

Rob's comment:
Actually, only 25% of those polled say the high-speed rail project should be a high or very high priority (page 13). This gives Governor Newsom political cover to cancel the dumb project.

On immigration:

An overwhelming majority of Californians (72%) continue to think that immigrants are a benefit to the state because of their hard work and job skills. In surveys since January 2013 at least two in three Californians have said immigrants are a benefit. Today, Democrats (83%) and independents (73%) view immigrants positively, while 55 percent of Republicans think immigrants are a burden because they use public services (page 18).

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California history lesson

Kevin Drum

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