Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Cleaning up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

the ocean cleanup plastic great pacific garbage patch
Twice the size of Texas

Boyan Slat invented the plastic cleaning device below:

The Blue Angels: Officially sanctioned terrorism

Photo,Steven Ringman: Blue Angels in 1983

Peter Hartlaub in Friday's SF Chronicle:

The Blue Angels will always be a simmering debate in San Francisco. Until the city’s dogs get organized enough to hire a lobbyist, the Navy precision flying team will almost certainly continue its multi-decade tradition of flying above and between our city’s landmarks during San Francisco Fleet Week.

But no modern controversy compares with the great Blue Angels panic of 1983, when six A-4 Skyhawk pilots surprised the city with a series of low-altitude San Francisco flybys that rattled windows and nerves. The coalition of enraged residents included Chronicle columnist Herb Caen, poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Mayor Dianne Feinstein, who got on the phone and ordered the planes grounded...

“I thought it was the Russians coming when I heard the jets,” said Diane Comer, who at the time worked in the Financial District, where planes passed below some workers. “I thought Reagan had done something, and we were going to get it. But I didn’t hear anything on the radio and later someone said it was the Blue Angels”...

Rob's comment:
Yes, this officially-sanctioned bullying by the military will continue until an accident that takes out a city block ends the annoying annual folly.

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