Monday, October 08, 2018

Rape culture

Rape culture personified

From today's NY Times:

To the Editor:

My abortion was in 1956 on a kitchen table in a dingy house in a seedy area of Atlanta. I was impregnated during a workplace rape by a man of privilege and entitlement. Sixty-two years later I recall every detail of the assault, although I can’t tell you how I got home.

I am heartbroken to know we will have on the Supreme Court one alleged sexual harasser who has been there for more than a quarter of a century, one justice whose seat was blatantly stolen and another who lied repeatedly under oath while reimagining his youth.

None have empathy for those less privileged. And all three are committed to sending us back to the dark days I knew, when women were routinely denied the right to make their own medical decisions. God help us.

Fran Moreland Johns
San Francisco

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Marion Stanford's homemade yard sign in Hamilton, Texas.
Huffington Post

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