Monday, June 25, 2018

Lame 60 Minutes interview with Governor Brown

Governor Brown was featured on 60 Minutes last night. The CBS program has a completely undeserved reputation for hard-hitting interviews and stories. That makes the Brown segment typical, since there wasn't a single question about the governor's dumb high-speed rail project, the most expensive public project in the country.

Of course President Trump is a moron about climate change like he is about everything else. But why not ask Brown at least one question about the project? The answer: because 60 Minutes is a liberal program, and Democrats support the poorly-conceived and unfunded project (I say that as a Democrat).

Randal O'Toole said it best: "All you have to do is mention the words 'public transit,' and progressives will fall over themselves to support you no matter how expensive and ridiculous your plans."

And then there's an important part of the Democratic Party's political base: unions. Of course the California Labor Federation supports the project, since even dumb projects provide jobs for the membership, which is all that special interest group cares about.

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Not our children: What's the problem?

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