Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The Onion

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What Republicans stand for

Lennart Gabel

From Kevin Drum:

Modern Republicans support:

* Torture of enemy combatants.
* Separating kids from their parents at the border.
* Drug tests for the poor who apply for food assistance.
* Viciously racist rhetoric from their president.
* Mass incarceration.
* Cutting back on medical care for the poor.
* Ending asylum for those fleeing violence in their home countries.
* Police brutality in poor neighborhoods.

By “support” I mean that they either actively support these things or else they’re happy to let them continue without any criticism. This is the fundamental human cruelty and venom at the heart of the contemporary GOP.

This isn’t new, but Donald Trump has brought it to the surface and supercharged it...

Rob's comment:
Add mocking the disabled to that list.

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