Sunday, February 25, 2018

The #5 between Diviz and Masonic

A traffic circle at McAllister and Lyon? Hard to see the point. Maybe the Big Thinkers at the MTA think that will speed up the #5 line. But the buses---especially those double-sized 5R buses---have to slow way down to negotiate the circle, which doesn't make it any faster through the intersection.

While on the subject, what's the point of making a distinction between the #5 and the #5R between Masonic Avenue and Divisadero now that Baker Street is the only stop between those two streets? It's not unusual for a #5R to pass up people at the bus stops at Baker, making them wait longer for a plain old #5 only to make an insignificant gain in speed.

This is the sort of "improvement" that makes Muni and Public Works seem more like jobs programs than public service agencies.

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Richard Dawkins: One fact that refutes creationism

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