Monday, January 15, 2018

San Francisco is "building out capacity"

Hunters Point
From Curbed:

Few cities clamor for affordable housing more than San Francisco. This reimagined and reused naval site, dubbed the San Francisco Shipyard, began selling in early 2017, offering hundreds of relatively affordable condos (in the $500,000 to $600,00 range) in the city’s newest neighborhood, and will open more units later this year. Developers FivePoint Holdings also landed architect David Adjaye to design and oversee the second phase of the development, which will roll out over the next few years. 

Along with the in-process, $6 billion Treasure Island project, San Francisco is (very slowly) building out capacity.

Rob's comment:
Click on the shipyard link and you get the visionary photo above. Click on the Treasure Island link and you get nothing of interest, except how San Francisco is evicting existing residents to clear the ground for the dumb Treasure Island project. 

The Treasure Island project is the city's most irresponsible development project---even dumber than the Parkmerced project on 19th Avenue. Allowing 20,000 residents where there are now only 2,500 will create a traffic nightmare on an already gridlocked Bay Bridge and in downtown San Francisco.

What it will also create: an opportunity for City Hall and the SFCTA to finally implement their ultimate anti-car fantasy: congestion pricing in downtown San Francisco. 

That will be a two-fer: it will punish motorists who insist on driving those wicked motor vehicles instead of riding bicycles and, just as important, it will create a huge new source of income to support the growing city bureaucracy: 39,634 employees, 22 residents per employee as of 2016. The SFMTA alone had 6,345 employees as of 2016.

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