Friday, October 26, 2018

Obama is too nice to the Repugnant Party

Kevin Drum thinks Obama is too nice on the stump, that he needs to get tougher on the Republicans. It would be out of character for him to get too nasty, but I like Drum's sample below, since it's hard to be too nasty in criticizing the utterly contemptible Repugs:

The entire Republican Party is dedicated to lying all the time. Climate change is a hoax. Sexual assault victims are making stuff up. Tax cuts are for the middle class. Heh. That’s because the closest they ever come to a real middle class voter is some Wall Street broker making a million dollars a year. And now they’re lying about terrorists marching their way up through Mexico to kill us all. They’re all just lies and everyone knows it. The Republican Party has turned into the party of lies.

There used to be at least a few Republicans compassionate enough to feel bad about ripping immigrant children from their mothers. Not anymore. The ugliest, meanest parts of the Republican Party love it when Jeff Sessions takes those babies away. It gets big cheers at all those creepy rallies that Donald Trump puts on for Fox News. The Republican Party has turned into the party of hate.

Democrats believe in the rule of law. Donald Trump believes the attorney general’s job is to help his friends and punish his enemies. And what do Republicans think of this? Well, the ones in Congress sure don’t seem to have any problem with it. The Republican Party has turned into the party of corruption.

Later: Maybe Obama reads Drum's blog: Obama Rips Trump In Pair Of Fiery Speeches.

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