Thursday, October 18, 2018

Another bogus "improvement" to a city street

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SF Citizen

A letter to the editor in today's SF Chronicle:

Who is the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency trying to fool that narrowing Sixth Street will make it safer? There is this constant traffic of people meandering across the street, the majority who are either drunk, on drugs or just don’t care about looking left and right before crossing the street.

One day, I saw this person just lay down in the middle of the street, and along with a shop owner we got him to stand up and walk to the sidewalk.

Between Market Street and Mission Street, vehicles rarely travel faster than 15 mph, and narrowing the street will have no impact on the speed of the vehicles, but what it will do is cause a longer backup to Golden Gate Avenue, which is bad enough as it is.

Henry Karnilowicz
San Francisco

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