Saturday, September 01, 2018

Kaepernick isn't going away

Marcio Jose Sanchez/A.P.

In today's NY Times:

...A case that was originally about Kaepernick’s skills has turned into something much larger: a referendum on his politics, free speech and even his legacy. N.F.L. teams have signed players who have beaten their spouses and run operations that killed dogs for sport, but protesting during the national anthem may prove to be the unforgivable sin, it seems (emphasis added).

On Thursday, the arbitrator hearing Kaepernick’s grievance dismissed the N.F.L.’s bid to throw out the case. He determined that Kaepernick’s lawyers had unearthed enough credible evidence during the first stages of discovery to allow the case to go forward.

This sets the stage for owners and league executives to be questioned in a trial-like setting. Kaepernick faces an uphill legal battle, but even proceeding to a full hearing amounts to a victory because it allows his lawyers to continue to search for evidence of collusion, while keeping Kaepernick’s name in the news during the N.F.L. season, when attention on football is at its peak...(Colin Kaepernick Is Not Going Away)

Rob's comment:
While football has our attention, let's revisit the concussion issue:



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