Monday, August 27, 2018

The real John McCain

John McCain was surely brave as a POW, and he volunteered to serve in Vietnam, where he was a bomber pilot, not a fighter pilot, since Vietnam didn't have an air force to contest the air attack by the US.

Still it took courage to fly bombing missions over Vietnam, since many planes were shot down:

The pilots had one big gripe. They thought they were risking their lives to hit insignificant targets. The Pentagon, in its exaggerated press releases, made the targets sound more important than they were. North Vietnam was an agricultural country and did not have a big industrial sector.

The US attack on and invasion of Vietnam was stupid and immoral, as was waging an air war on what was essentially a peasant country. 

As a right-wing Republican, McCain also had a terrible record on a lot of important issues, including Obamacare.

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