Sunday, June 24, 2018

Put San Francisco values on the ballot

Photo: Gabrielle Lurie, The Chronicle

Musing on Rafael Mandelman's response to reporter Heather Knight's question on public injection drug use:

And asked whether the city should continue to allow blatant injection drug use on our sidewalks, Mandelman laughed. “No! No!” he replied. “We should have safe injection sites, but it is not tolerable to have the norm of open-air injection drug use.” He supports more drug treatment services, as well as more police foot patrols to order drug users to, in his words, “knock it off” and issue citations if need be.

That feeble response is typical of what city progressives are willing to tolerate on city streets, but I suspect that's a lot different than what city voters are willing to put up with.

Recall that Gavin Newsom's Care Not Cash measure in 2002 was called a "war" on the poor by ultra-prog Chris Daly, and Bay Guardian editor Tim Redmond called it "an attack on homeless people." 

In reality the measure was about stopping the city policy of giving the homeless monthly cash grants that in effect helped them remain homeless. Not surprisingly after Care Not Cash went into effect, 1,000 people dropped off the list of beneficiaries. They just wanted cash, not care.

And when the sit-lie measure was put on the ballot by Mayor Newsom in 2010, city progs opposed it, even putting a poison pill measure on the same ballot. City voters weren't fooled and passed it anyway.

It's now time to put a measure on the ballot to allow city cops to arrest those who shoot up in public to put a stop to that outrage to public decency. 

Injection sites is just another half-assed progressive idea that fails to come to grips with the problem.

While we're at it, let's include public nudity in the measure, another quality of life violation supported by city progressives.

And there's graffiti/tagging vandalism, which many progs think is simply a public art genre that shouldn't be discouraged: see this and this.

See also "The Sidewalks of San Francisco."

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At 7:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Totally agree. The other day Heather Knight wrote a piece, "Poop. Needles. Rats. Homeless camp pushes SF neighborhood to the edge", about one particular block in soma. The issues on that one block are exactly the same on almost every soma block, and the impacts are spreading through the city. How long will it take before votes kick the progs out vote in thinking moderates. The board of supervisors have enabled street people for decades, could the outcome of been any different?

First order of business, distinguish true homeless (single women with kids, families, vets) who are not into drugs or drink, from those whose lifestyle is centered on it...."Street People"!


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