Monday, December 11, 2017

In the November 30 London Review of Books:

"There is a great deal of beauty here," Oscar Wilde wrote[in a letter]. "The Kabyle boys are quite lovely. At first we had some difficulty procuring a proper civilized guide. But now it is all right and Bosie and I have taken to haschish[sic]: it is quite exquisite: three puffs of smoke and then peace and love."

Oscar Wilde: A 20th Century man stuck in the 19th Century.

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"Multiple": A single word cliche

You see it everywhere in print and hear it from the talking heads on TV---using "multiple" when "many" is all the writer/speaker is saying: "A storm that moved through the region early Sunday caused havoc on Bay Area highways as multiple crashes and fatalities were reported."

Sometimes a writer/speaker striving to avoid using good old "many" will use "myriad" instead.

And why is it better to say/write "garner" than plain old "get"?

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