Sunday, June 18, 2017

Gee, who would do such a terrible thing? Surely not an adherent of the Religion of Peace?

Later: Wrong! Turns out it was an Islamophobe, not Muslim on Muslim terrorism.


Something small children do

In today's NY Times:

Olivia Wilde: But I’ll ask my son, “Did you brush your teeth?” He’ll say, “Yeah.” And I’ll say: “You did not. I was standing right here.” 

It’s funny. Kids lie without any real strategy. That’s why Trump seems so much like a toddler sometimes. His tendency to lie when it’s clearly a lie is something small children do. They also bully and take toys from each other. It’s something you’re supposed to grow out of by the time you’re 70.

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“There can be no peace until they renounce their Rabbit God 
and accept our Duck God.”

Thanks to the Friendly Atheist.

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Typical week in Gun Nut nation 2

Twelve of 133 guns found in carry-on luggage by TSA agents at airports throughout the country, during the two-week period from April 3-16, 2017.
Daily Kos

GunFail in Daily Kos:

...A fairly typical week, by the numbers. Sixteen people accidentally shot themselves, eleven people were killed in gun accidents, nine kids were accidentally shot, six people accidentally fired guns they claimed they were cleaning or otherwise “inspecting,” four people were accidentally shot during their target practice (one more just couldn’t wait to get to the range, and was accidentally shot in the car on the way there), four people accidentally fired their weapons into neighboring properties (plus one more incident in which a passerby in golf cart was struck by a stray round), three people accidentally shot family members or significant others, and two people accidentally fired their weapons while shopping at neighborhood Walmart stores...

See also Police Shooting Innocent People Is One of the Most Common Forms of Gun Violence.

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