Monday, May 15, 2017

The bicycle fantasy in San Diego---and San Francisco

San Francisco also makes traffic policy based on the bike fantasy, like this whopper last year from a MTA planner the SF Examiner provided readers without challenge: 

The idea is to make Masonic Avenue safer to pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers, said Patrick Golier, a senior SFMTA planner. “Masonic is a mini-freeway,” he said Tuesday. “It has a dismal safety record"...Based on past similar projects, Golier said he expects the amount of cyclists to jump as much as 400 percent after the corridor is made safer.

The safety lie about Masonic aside---I unpacked that four years ago here---apparently the reporter didn't ask Golier about those "past similar projects" to support his bullshit.

Thanks to StreetsblogCal

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Idaho Stop for cars?

San Francisco Citizen

We know Wiener supports the Idaho Stop for cyclists, but does he support it for cars, too?

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