Thursday, April 20, 2017

2017 Chamber of Commerce Poll

The annual Chamber of Commerce poll is out, but the SF Chronicle didn't do a story about it. Maybe they didn't like the results.

One thing they didn't have to ignore/distort this year: results showing that the people of San Francisco overwhelmingly reject congestion pricing, the idea that they should pay $3.00 to drive downtown in their own city. 

The poll didn't even ask that question this year. Last year 72% rejected that idea, which is a typically negative result over the years (My first post on public opinion and congestion pricing back in 2009: Little support for congestion pricing).

Maybe the Chamber thinks that congestion pricing is now a dead issue not worth asking about every year. Wrong! See page 33 of the latest Transportation Plan by the SFCTA.

Tilly Chang, now the head of the SFCTA, spent a good part of her career pushing congestion pricing, and she isn't going to stop now.

Congestion pricing will be a two-fer for City Hall: it will punish everyone who drives those wicked motor vehicles, and, more importantly, it will raise a lot of money to pay for the city's growing bureaucracy.

More on the poll results tomorrow.

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Patriots skip White House meeting

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Working with Bill O'Reilly

Not to mention the racism, sexism, and homophobia.

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