Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Ed Reiskin

Mari at Meter Madness forwards a message from Nancy Wuerfel:

The SFMTA has done a terrible job of informing the neighbors about the proposed bike lanes on Vicente Street. The Transportation Engineering Hearing on April 14th is premature, since most people have not seen a notice.

FOR THE RECORD, here are the facts:

Tues, 4/4/17:  I sent an email Jonathan Chimento that was returned to me as "undeliverable." Apparently SFMTA has some kind of problem receiving emails (not just in this case). I did have a telephone discussion with Jonathan in which he promised he would put his name and telephone number on the notices to be posted on Vicente so people could talk to him. He did not do this.

Wed, 4/5/17:  The flimsy paper notices were taped onto poles along Vicente Street. There are no maps that show exactly how the bike lanes, parking and traffic lanes would be lined up on Vicente Street. I observed notices on 4 poles at the intersection of 23rd Avenue and Vicente. No protection was afforded the notices, no lamination.

Thursday and Friday: Lots of rain and wind in the Parkside District that destroyed many notices.

Sat, 4/8/17: The paper notices were in tatters from the storm, many unreadable.

Sun, 4/9/17:  I walked along Vicente and noticed only one intact notice between 20th Ave and 28th Ave, and most intersections had NO notices or even tape left on the poles. Where parts of a notice were still remaining under the tape, the bottom part was torn off that had information about submitting opinions by fax or email, requesting language assistance, about getting more information, CEQA rights, etc. 

So a week before the hearing, the notices were partially or completely destroyed. Therefore, the public noticing was incompetently done with no regard to keeping notices intact for 10 days. There was no public meeting to discuss the lanes before the public hearing.

Please reschedule the hearing and repost all of the notices along Vicente after scheduling a public meeting to explain the changes SFMTA is asking for. The first posting is disrespectful to the public, the businesses and the institutions affected by this change.

Nancy Wuerfel

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